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Ultra-Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

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Boil your water or cook your food with wood, paper, branches, charcoal, or any other safe combustable material.  This stove is super light weight and portable, so never be stuck trying to roast your food over an open fire again!

Disposable: No
Capacity: 3-5
Fuel: Firewood
Stove Type: Combination Stove
Automatic Alarming or Not (Kettle): No
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: original of stainless steel
Net Weight: 520g
Size: 24cm*17.5cm* *13.5cm
Fuel: wood, paper, branches, charcoal and other combustible material
Parts: base 1pc+fuel tray 1pc+stove 1pc + cookware stand 1pc+ Packing bag 1pc