3pcs gel pad sheets replacement for the EMS Hips Trainer

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These 3pc hydrogel gel sheets are to be used with the EMS hips trainer. The gel sheets can be used up to 30 times before it needs replacing, if it is maintained.  You can maintain the gel sheets by making sure that your skin is clean and dry before using. Stick them back on the cardboard after using.

Replace the hydrogel pads:

·         When the feel of conduction has decreased.

·         When it loses its adhesiveness, the adhesive surface gel dries out or there’s dirt that cannot be removed.

1. When the gel sheet is not sticky enough or sticks to the foreign matter, please use your fingers to wipe the surface with water, put it in a ventilated dry place and use it after airing
2. The gel sheet should be replaced after continuously used about 30 times

How to use the gel sheet
Step 1: Take out the gel pad from the packing bag
Step 2: Tear off transparent protective film
Step 3: Correctly attached to the equipment, smooth it out
Step 4: Confirm the correct position and stick, tear off the other side protective film