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Electronic abdominal massage toning belt

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Electronic abdominal massage toning belt


User-friendly design, simple operation

Wireless, easy to use and wear anywhere

Ten minutes on it is the equivalent of 600 sit-ups

Help to improve micro-circulation, increase cell viability

Could be used directly on the arm, thigh, leg to massage

High-speed movement on the very area, to burn fat and reduce excess fat

Get both the body and mind relax and relieve fatigue caused by the prolonged bad posture

Added 2 elastic belt. The short is 19cm. The long is 42.5cm. They can be connected together to use

Specially designed the positive and opposite direction of rotation function, repeatedly massage localized fat for the balanced effect


How to use:

Add two button batteries into the machine (please put the positive electrode up)

Connect massage belt, then tie in a position where you want

Turn the unit ON and increase the intensity of impulses. Each pressing of the button could increase the intensity level

Turn the unit OFF and decrease the intensity of impulses. Each pressing of the button could decrease the intensity level

The MODE button is used to select one of the six exercise pre programmed exercise routines. The setting is indicated by the color and location of the two LED lights on the unit. The AB belt has the 6 programs


Package including:

AB Gymnic Unit

Neoprene Center Piece

Long belt

Short arms & leg belt

2 batteries (Not included)

AB Gymnic application gel (Not included)

English User instruction

Package size: 215*145*53mm

For aviation security reasons, this product delivery without battery ,gel