Abdominal arm leg waist massage toning belt with battery and gel

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The design is user-friendly and has a simple operation. It’s wireless and easy to use anywhere.  Just ten minutes on it is the equivalent of 600 sit-ups. It helps to improve micro-circulation and increase cell viability. It can be used on the arm, thigh, or leg. There’s high-speed movement on the area, which helps to burn fat and reduce excess fat.

The electronic abdominal toning belt can help relax the mind and relieve the body of fatigue. There are 2 elastic belts, one is 25cm and the other one is 50cm. They can be connected together for use.

There are 6 smart programmed routines with 10 levels of intensity for a complete and personalized workout. Tiny gentle electronic pulses are delivered to your muscles. It tones your tummy, waist, legs, and arms.

How to use:

Put 1 CR2032 button battery into the machine. The positive electrode goes up.

Connect the massage belt, then tie it in the position you want.

Turn the unit ON and increase the intensity of impulses. Each pressing of the button could increase the intensity level

Turn the unit OFF and decrease the intensity of impulses. Each pressing of the button could decrease the intensity level

The MODE button is used to select one of the six exercise pre-programmed exercise routines. The setting is indicated by the color and location of the two LED lights on the unit. The AB belt has 6 programs.   

Package includes:

2 x Adjustable Waist and Leg Straps
1 x Massaging Gel
1 x Battery Included (plus a spa
1 x Full Instruction Manual