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Pet hair remover tools

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This pet hair remover with self-cleaning base is great for removing hair from sofas. Its double-sided ultra-large cotton velvet brush can increase the speed of single-sided cotton velvet brush by two times.

Soak in the automatic cleaning base to remove pet hair from the Fur wizard Cotton Velvet Remover.  No need for supplements-unlike other cotton velvet rollers for pet hair.  There is no tape.  The self-cleaning bases and travel size fur wizards fur remover can gently remove pet fur and cotton velvet.  It will not harm your clothes and furniture. The soft, easy-to-grip handle makes pet hair and cotton velvet more comfortable and relaxing.To clean it, simply dip the fur filled brush into the base.  When you remove it, you will have a clean brush for more cleaning ,which can save on the cost of traditional disposable velvet products.

The premium 10 pet shampoo brush provides your pet with a soothing massage to make your pet feel good, keep them clean and help keep their skin and coat healthy.  Rubber plastic pet brushes make the fur glossy and soft, while bathing the pet gently to provide a deep cleaning or massage for the pet.  It will not cause damage to the pet skin.  The travel sized cotton velvet remover can be stored in your bag or car during the journey. The compact size has the same functionality as a standard size hair remover.