Gel pads for abs stimulator abs trainer toning belt

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The polymer hydrogel is odorless. Test on your skin to make sure that you are not allegoric to the gel.

How to use the gel:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Store in a sealed bag after using so that the pads don’t dry quickly.
  2. If the gel sheet is not sticky, put some water on it and wait 5-10 minutes until the water has absorbed completely before using.
  3. The gel sheet should be replaced after continuous use of up to 30 times, or when it gets dirty.


  1. When the gel sheet is not sticky enough or sticks to the foreign matter, use your fingers to wipe the surface with water. Put it in a ventilated dry place and use it after airing.
  2. The gel sheet should be replaced after using it about 30 times.